Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About 5 DPO

I had my progesterone test yesterday. They will be calling within the next couple days with the results. If all is fine, then we wait. If progesterone is low, I go in for an endometrial biopsy next week. That does NOT sound like fun!!!

As much as I KNOW there was nothing to see on ultrasound as it's SOOO early, I was really hoping there would be some sacs in there. :(

They didn't say anything (which bugs me). I had some small follicles on both sides, and one 6mm one one side and a 9mm on the other side. No clue what that means . . .

My bloated feeling in my lower abdomen went away a couple days ago. However, today it feels . . . heavy.

I'm hoping the next week goes by quickly . . . this is agonizing!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a difference a few hours makes!!!

My RE wanted me to start using ovulation test kits Sunday. This morning, I got a negative. Around noon, I thought, I'm just going to test again for fun!!! And it was blaring positive. I waited an hour and took a digital and got the cutest smiley face!!!

Praying at least one of those little follies produced a perfect egg, and finds the most perfect swimmer!!! :)

Here goes . . .

This is month number 15 of trying to conceive.

Background . . .

We got pregnant with Ethan the first month trying. With Emily, it took 21 months (plus a 1 year break when Kevin went to Iraq).

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS (doctor thinks I developed it after having Ethan). I have been on Metformin for about 10 months. This current cycle, I found a great RE. They immediately diagnosed me (after docs suggesting it but never doing anything for a year or so) and put me on Clomid 100mg this cycle and set me up with tons of tests.

On to yesterday . . . March 17

I went in for more bloodwork and an ultrasound. She measured 4 follicles on my right (13, 14, 16, and 17 mm) and 3 on the left (8, 10, and 16 mm) (if I remember correctly!!) and a few more that were smaller.

After the ultrasound, the lady said, "Well first, you're an over-achiever!!" (We all knew that!!) Then she said, "How do you feel about multiples?"

I said "Thrilled!!! We really want twins."

She and the other lady (taking notes) said together, "What about more than twins?"

Uhhh . . . well, of course we'd make it work!!!

She said I have 5 GOOD follicles. The chance of all of them making it are slim, but it's there. So she said they had to give me the warning. (I REALLY wish I would have gotten a picture of the follicles so I could tell the kid(s), this is you when you were REALLY young!!! LOL

After listening to other stories, most clinics won't do any procedures if you have that many follicles. I checked Jon & Kate's (+ 8) website, and they were told they had 3, possibly 4 good follicles the month they conceived their sextuplets!!!! Then again, they aren't all that big. Other stories I read, they were 20-24mm. So who knows . . .

I told Kevin, and he was shocked. Then last night he said, "Four babies would be neat!" Of course, I joked around that those 5 would mature, fertilize, then split, and I think he had a mini-heart attack!!!

Now we're just waiting for a positive ovulation test. :)