Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About 5 DPO

I had my progesterone test yesterday. They will be calling within the next couple days with the results. If all is fine, then we wait. If progesterone is low, I go in for an endometrial biopsy next week. That does NOT sound like fun!!!

As much as I KNOW there was nothing to see on ultrasound as it's SOOO early, I was really hoping there would be some sacs in there. :(

They didn't say anything (which bugs me). I had some small follicles on both sides, and one 6mm one one side and a 9mm on the other side. No clue what that means . . .

My bloated feeling in my lower abdomen went away a couple days ago. However, today it feels . . . heavy.

I'm hoping the next week goes by quickly . . . this is agonizing!!

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