Friday, July 6, 2012

Triple Stroller

I am in need of a triple stroller. While I was pregnant, I kept telling people that I didn't want to push a big triple around. I had the Bob Duallie, and that would work. I would just wear Reese in the Ergo as much as possible.

Yeah . . . right . . .

Try changing diapers or controlling four other kids with one strapped to your chest in 100 degree heat. It's just not working. Plus, the twins may be two years old, but they have only walked in a store maybe three times!!! I keep those boys strapped in and controlled!!!! And I am not one to stay home. I have to listen to comments all the time, but I take all five kids out by myself a few times a week.

I found the one I want. Brand new . . . it's only $1000. :/ It is soooo perfect!!!

Thankfully, I found one on Craigslist for $500. Now I just have to sell the Bob so it's not quite a dent into our finances buying yet another stroller.

This is probably one of Kevin's peeves . . . I have too many strollers, according to him!! But really . . . I need the big comfy double jogger for long treks, walks, etc (and Kevin is the first to admit the Bob is the best stroller we have ever owned!!). I also need the smaller double umbrella for short trips, when we travel, etc. I also had the front/back double Graco when they were younger because they didn't make a side by side that would hold two car seats. I also have the single snap n go for Reese right now. I want to get a good single stroller when the twins grow out of riding, but I can hold off on that one!!! LOL . . . I can see his point . . . but I am down to three strollers and will sell one to get this triple. I think that's a pretty fair trade!!!

Wish me luck . . . :)

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