Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun day . . .

Today was a fun day!

We went to breakfast then to a car dealership to look at a good gas gettin' car for Kevin. He's spending about $400 a month on gas just driving to work and back. :/ So we looked at a hybrid - Prius or Insight. Little did we know the battery in those cars are around $2000 if you need to replace them (so the salesperson told us!). So we may end up looking more Civic or something similar.

Then we went to an archeological thing put on by the local museum (and I say "the" because we have only one pretty small one!!). We watched them make arrow heads, got to throw an atlatl, made some rock art and learned about other Native American crafts and information. We had a good time, but the 80+ degree weather took a toll on everyone!! Kevin came home and took a long nap with Sawyer. I took a short nap with Killian, and the older kiddo's took a nap in the car later. Now both boys are knocked out, and the others have been moping around for the last couple hours!! If everyone sleeps through the night tonight, we will be going outside every day to wear them all out!!!

We are having a house built. They started the first week of March and should take approximately 2 months. We go through a few days where it looks like they are making a lot of progress. Then we hit a few days where it looks like they are doing nothing!!!! Right now, we are in a nothing phase. Not only that, but we have a bathroom window that is rainglass, and they installed it sideways!!! So it looks like it's driving rain rather than rain just trickling down the window!! Hopefully they get that fixed soon . . .

Here's the latest pic . . . we are anxiously counting down the days until we move in!!! Six people in a camper is getting ROUGH!!!! Who am I kidding??? It started rough!!!


Nice pile of trash in the front!!! :/

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  1. Your house is coming along great! Just stopping by to let you know that I'm following you.