Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Questions

Well, the radiology report says the mass (left breast) is "probably" benign. It is "probably" fibroadenoma. I don't like the term "probably" in my medical reports!!!

I was going to go in and ask for further testing. Then I woke up this morning in even more pain. So I made another follow-up appointment.

Today, my right breast is swollen and red . . . and extremely sore. My doctor took one look at the changes and said this plus the suspicious mass, and she is referring me to a specialist for a possible biopsy. Unfortunately, the doctor she wanted to send me to doesn't accept my insurance as primary insurance. So we have to find someone else. After talking to that office about what is going on, she said I need to be seen within the next week. Talk about scary . . . :(

I have a lot of thoughts and fears about what it could be, but I'm going to try to remain positive.

Right now, I can only nurse on the left side. The right is too painful. I imagine my nursing days are coming to an end because of all this. But I would rather be healthy and pain free than continue to nurse.

So again, I ask for prayers and positive thoughts. I hope to have better news in the future . . .

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  1. Hugs! Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing major!