Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nothing yet . . . but pain.

:( I'm still having a lot of pain.

The 21st of May is when this pain started. I was hoping it would be gone by now.

I did go back to my doctor and tell them I NEED to be referred to a specialist. Thankfully (if that applies here), I had a lot of redness and swelling that day. So she was able to see these changes. She said that along with the mass from the ultrasound, and it's time I see someone else.

Now I'm jumping through hoops with the insurance company to get the referral sent in and approved. Stupid government (I don't say that often!!!) has a program where my referral must be sent to the closest military hospital first. They can decide to take me on as a patient or refuse it and let the original referral go through. Ft. Hood is the closest, but it is still 45 minutes away. With 4 kids, I just can't see driving all that way for appts, especially if I have to have some sort of surgery and follow-up appts. It's ridiculous . . .

I had an appt with the specialist for Wednesday but had to cancel it due to these insurance issues. It's rescheduled for Thursday afternoon. Hoping and praying it goes through, and I can be seen tomorrow.

We are going out of town on Friday for a week . . . which could delay this process even longer and leave me in pain longer. :( Not good timing . . .

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